Klopp disagrees with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly on Premier League all-star game

Todd Boehly has muted the idea of a Premier League All-Star game. However, Jurgen Klopp has disagreed with the suggestion.

The Premier League is the most lucrative in Europe. It seems the motivation behind the league is more money. It generates more money than the other top leagues in Europe, but when is it enough?

Every day, there are more ideas to keep the Premier League at the pinnacle of football in Europe. Its football success might not match that of La Liga, which has won more European trophies than any other league, but the branding of the Premier League is otherworldly.

Todd Boehly is seeking to cement his name in the annals of English football. With an idea akin to the Super League, Todd Boehly suggested a Premier League North versus South All-Star match. It is an idea that is already in practice in the American NBA.

Todd Boehly mutes an All-Star match

Todd Boehly is keen to bring some American innovations to English football. The American Chelsea owner wants more glamour in the English game. Boehly has muted the idea of an All-Star game.

The new Chelsea owner wants an American-style North versus South All-Star match in the Premier League, but it seems he has little support for his idea. An opponent of the All-Star game is Jurgen Klopp, who is less than impressed with the suggestion. The German tactician has questioned if there is anyone interested in the idea.

Todd Boehly, who took over Chelsea this summer, made the revelation. Boehly believes it will boost broadcasting revenue. The new ideas by Boehly would include a playoff to determine who goes down and who plays in the Premier League, plus an All-Star game as is done in the NBA.

Copying the American model

It is no surprise the idea of an All-Star match is coming from Todd Boehly. The American Chelsea owner also owns shares in Los Angeles teams, the Dodgers in Major League Baseball and the Lakers in the NBA. Boehly said in a New York conference that he suggested the idea to his Premier League counterparts.

According to Boehly, he hopes the Premier League will take a little lesson from American sports. He asked why there is no tournament for the bottom four teams and questioned the absence of an All-Star game. The American says it is something that they need to figure out.

The North versus South split in the Premier League will see Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Leeds United and Newcastle United representing the north. The other teams from the north are Wolves, Everton, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Leicester City. Arsenal, Tottenham, Brighton, Chelsea, Brentford and Fulham are from the south, with Southampton, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and West Ham making up the rest of the pack.

Klopp disagrees with Todd’s idea

Klopp was not impressed with the idea of an All-Star game. With the packed fixture schedule in the Premier League, Klopp sees a game involving the north and south of England as a distraction.

The Liverpool manager took jibes at Boehly, saying he didn’t wait long before unveiling himself. He added that when Boehly finds a date, he should give him a call. Klopp reminded the Chelsea owner that American sports players have four-month breaks, so they are happy. It is a different issue in football.

Mocking the Chelsea owner, Klopp asks if he wants to bring the Harlem Globetrotters. Klopp also pleaded not to be judged by his responses as he is surprised at the suggestion.

Todd Boehly also revealed why he fired Thomas Tuchel as manager of Chelsea. He said he had to let the German go because they were not on the same page on the vision for the club.




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