Everton points docking brings Manchester City breaches to light once again

Manchester City’s FFP breaches are once again making the rounds following the Premier League’s decision to dock points for Everton.

For the past few seasons, the Merseyside team have been in talks with the Premier League management over the financial conducts that led to the points docking. Everton were docked 10 points by the Premier League due to financial impropriety and dropped down into 19th in the 2023/24 season log.

The league’s action took them by surprise, leading to them releasing a statement. In that statement, they expressed dissatisfaction at how the issue was handled by the bosses of the English top flight. They also stated that the “…will also monitor with great interest the decisions made in any other cases concerning the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules.”

This statement is in allusion to Manchester City and Chelsea, who both have pending financial issues that they have to settle with the Premier League.

Both sides are of much bigger pedigree than Everton. Man City, especially, as they have won the most trophies in England in a 15-year span. The Cityzens have 115 breaches pending action by the league management. However, the Emirati-owned club have denied all allegations laid before them.

Everton have watched as City’s breaches have been dismissed severally by the top echelon in English football, making it a long-standing topic. A number of fans insist that City are guilty and must face charges. Everton, like all other Premier League clubs, have watched in silence.

It is important to note that Everton’s points docking was punishment for one financial breach. Manchester City’s potential punishment could be anything from being expelled from the top flight to having their title stripped away from them.

Just like Everton – who intend to appeal their punishment – the rest of the league, especially Liverpool, are keeping an eye out for how City’s case will be handled by the Premier League.

The Reds from Merseyside were denied a couple of league titles in seasons where Manchester City’s breaches occurred. Should they be stripped off their titles, Liverpool could be adding a few more to their collection.

With their latest comment about watching how the league will deal with other offenders, City’s 115 breaches have once again begun making the rounds in the media.

The summarised breaches include a failure to declare accurate club income from the 2009/10 to 2017/18 seasons, a failure to declare details of manager’s contracts from the 2009/10 to 2012/13, a failure to declare accurate player remuneration from the 2010/11 to 2015/16 seasons, a failure to comply with UEFA’s sponsorship and licencing rules from the 2013/14 to 2017/18 season, and a failure to declare club’s profitability and sustainability model from 2015/16 to 2017/18.

Man City are also charged with a failure to provide the necessary documents to aid the league’s investigation into their affairs from 2018/19 to the ongoing season.




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