Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe indicates interest in buying Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has confirmed his interest in buying Manchester United. Michael Knighton is putting together a consortium to help facilitate the takeover of United from the Glazers.

It has been 17 years of the Glazers at Manchester United. The Americans took over the club in 2005 in a deal worth £790 million ($951m). Several United fans must regret that deal, as it has been a tale of woe. The pain known to the Red Devils hit a pitch when Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, and the cracks the Scotsman had been covering opened up.

With commercial interests perhaps the only thing vital to the Glazer family, United have dropped from one low to another. They have since stopped being a force in England and failed to qualify for the Champions League as Liverpool and the noisy neighbours Manchester City dictate the pace.

Who will save Manchester United from the Glazers as the Americans seem uninterested in letting go of their cash cow? A section of the fan base has angled for the Americans to leave the club.

Jim Ratcliffe confirms interest in buying a stake at United

It has been a tumultuous era with the Glazers. It is about to be rocked by another round of protests. United have fallen further down the ladder, and the fans are unhappy.

Manchester United are no longer contenders for a title. It irks many people who love the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has confirmed his interest in a potential takeover of the club. The big snag is whether the American owners are interested in selling the club in crisis.

There is pressure on the Glazer family to pack their bags and go as United started the season dismally. It is wishful thinking that the American owners, who have turned United into minnows in England, would let go.

The plot thickens as others show interest

The seat is getting hotter, but the Glazers are adamant about remaining on it. They seem unconcerned with the rotten state of sporting affairs at the club. Decrepit facilities and poor results on the pitch do not bother the Americans. One does not need a soothsayer to know that as far as the bucks keep coming in, they would rather stay.

Michael Knighton has thrown his hat in the ring with intentions to complete a hostile takeover with Ineos CEO Ratcliffe now ready to join the consortium. Ratcliffe was also interested in buying Chelsea this year before he was beaten to the punch by Todd Boehly. He had also distanced himself from a possible acquisition of Manchester United but may have had a change of heart.

The Glazers are considering selling a minority stake in the club. Reports suggest preliminary discussions about offloading shares and bringing in more investments.

Knighton plans to oust the Glazers, though many are not convinced he can pull off a coup of that magnitude. He failed in his attempt to acquire the club in 1989. Knighton revealed that he has been in discussions with several billionaires as they try to match the £6bn valuation.




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