Unveiling the Spirit: North Macedonia’s Nestorovski Sets the Tone for Euro 2024 Qualifier with Italy

As the Euro 2024 qualifier between North Macedonia and Italy looms on the horizon, striker Ilija Nestorovski exudes confidence and determination. Positioned at fourth in Group C, North Macedonia trails Italy by a solitary victory, with slim chances for automatic qualification due to goal difference. Italy, occupying the third spot, trails Ukraine by three points with two critical games remaining.

In assessing North Macedonia’s strengths, Nestorovski emphasizes the team’s robust and cohesive defensive play. Highlighting their resilience, he points out that they have managed to elude defeat in their last three encounters with Italy, fostering a positive trend they are eager to prolong. Nestorovski acknowledges the seismic impact of their previous triumph in Palermo, a result that resonated with Italy’s absence from a consecutive World Cup.

North Macedonia’s Ascension and Stellar Performers

Nestorovski sheds light on the remarkable growth of the North Macedonian national team over the past seven to eight years, encompassing their participation in the European Championship and recent commendable showings against Italy. With an insightful nod to the psychological weight of their previous victory, he believes Italy might be carrying the burden of past encounters. While attributing some success to luck, Nestorovski underscores the team’s performance and unwavering commitment to their upward trajectory.

Delving into key players, Nestorovski spotlights Elmas as the current standout, lauds Miovski’s exploits at Aberdeen, and tips his hat to Trajkovski, the scorer of the pivotal goal in Palermo. He doesn’t overlook Bardhi’s consistent brilliance in midfield. Despite being out of contention for the top two spots in the group, Nestorovski articulates the team’s aspiration to leave a lasting impression in the upcoming matches, showcasing their readiness to face Italy head-on.

Nestorovski’s Future and Resilience for North Macedonia

In response to inquiries about potential retirement from the North Macedonia national team, Nestorovski unequivocally declares that the chapter is far from closed. Despite being absent from the squad in October and November, he optimistically envisions a swift return, citing his consistent form with Ascoli. The 33-year-old striker emphasizes his youthfulness and ardor to contribute further to the national team, recalling his steadfast presence even during periods of being without a club.




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