Ramsdale’s dad expresses concern over goalkeeper’s lack of playing time at Arsenal

Aaron Ramsdale’s father has expressed concern over his son’s morale, asserting that the goalkeeper has “lost his smile” after being benched by Arsenal. Criticizing Mikel Arteta’s management of the goalkeeper situation at the club, Nick Ramsdale highlighted the unfulfilled promise of rotating starts with David Raya, who arrived on a loan-to-buy deal in the summer.

Initially, Arteta had suggested that both keepers would share starting responsibilities and even hinted at potential in-game rotations, but this has yet to materialize. Despite starting the first four league games of the season, Ramsdale has found himself relegated to cup competitions following Arsenal exit from the Carabao Cup at the hands of West Ham.

Nick Ramsdale, while attempting to keep his son’s spirits up, acknowledges the difficulty of the task, empathizing with Aaron’s situation as he navigates through this challenging period.

Ramsdale not pleased with lack of gametime at Arsenal, says dad

“Aaron lost that smile to when he was holding onto that ball at this moment in time,” Nick Ramsdale told The Highbury Corner podcast. “And it is difficult. It really is difficult to see him there and we all keep saying you need to keep smiling.”

He added: “David Raya is a great goalkeeper and it is not his fault. He’s just come in as a goalkeeper. David Raya, Aaron says, he is a lovely guy and he works hard with him and Aaron’s trying to help him as much as he can to settle in with the squad.”

“It’s possibly the way it’s been done. Not knowing the reason why, and this is me because we don’t know why. Again, Aaron is working as hard as he can. He’s trying to do his best for the squad. He’s upbeat and he’ll do everything for Arsenal to try and win the league.”

Nick Ramsdale has raised doubts about Arteta’s management of the situation, especially given his son’s recent contract extension followed by a sudden drop from the starting lineup within a few months. He disclosed that there has been no communication between the player and the manager regarding the shift in role. Aaron Ramsdale finds himself in the dark, eagerly awaiting another opportunity, and seeking clarity on the reasons behind the unexpected change.




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