Maxin Demin is interested in selling Bournemouth to an American consortium

Russian-born Bournemouth owner Maxin Demin is thinking of selling the club. Demin has appointed Montminy & Co to identify potential buyers with the owner looking for a deal above £150million.

The bug of sales is hitting the Premier League. The sale of Chelsea to Todd Boehly seems to have encouraged other parties to seek stakes in the Premier League clubs. While Manchester United fans are hoping that the Glazers would agree to sell the club, the American owners are adamant about holding on to the club.

There is an increased interest in Premier League clubs by Americans. The viability of English clubs has become an attraction for American businessmen. They see the opportunities that come from owning these clubs.

The latest club to be linked with a sale is Bournemouth. There is interest from a US-based consortium interested in buying out the club.

Is Bournemouth up for sale?

The surge of American investments in Premier league clubs is about to increase, with Bournemouth another target. There is a US-based consortium interested in buying the club.

According to sources with privy information concerning the proposed deal, they say that Russian-born owner Maxim Demin is seriously considering selling the club. It is unclear if the businessman is open to selling the club.

Maxim Demin, who has British citizenship, may have appointed US-based firm Montminy & Co to seek out potential buyers or investors. The Russian-born owner is keen to sell the underperforming club.

According to Sportsmail, there is an expression of interest from a consortium of individuals in American sports. One of the sports interests of this consortium is ice hockey. Sportsmail reports that they hold an interest in acquiring Bournemouth.

The consortium has a businessman from Las Vegas fronting for them. According to Sportsmail, Denim values the club at over £150million.

Negotiations underway

The mood around the club is that it is up for sale. Reports suggest that negotiations are already ongoing, with the Russian owner Demin willing to sell. If a deal goes through, the Premier League would see half of its clubs owned by Americans.

The clubs owned by American owners include Arsenal (Stan Kroenke & Kroenke Sports Group), Aston Villa (Wesley Edens), Burnley (ALK Capital), Chelsea (Todd Boehly, Clearlake Capital, Hansjörg Wyss, Mark Walter) and Crystal Palace (Palace Holdco LP and John Textor). Others are Leeds United (49ers Enterprises), Liverpool (John W. Henry, Tom Werner (Fenway Sports Group), Manchester United (The Glazer family) and West Ham United (Albert Smith).

Chelsea is the last Premier League club to be acquired by an American. The Stamford Bridge side was bought by American billionaire Todd Boehly. The deal was worth around £4.25billion.

It is not the first time Demin was asked about a possible Bournemouth sale. In 2020, an Arab consortium involving the Abu Dhabi royal family approached him to sell the club. The deal fell through as the Arab consortium was only willing to pay £140million, with Demin demanding more.

The American group is willing to pay the kind of money Demin demands.

Bournemouth recently sacked Scott Parker. Patience for Parker had won thin following his continuous dig at the club’s transfer policy.




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