Community Development

MWOS FC and Councillor Tinashe Machemedze Support Norton Community with Charitable Donations

June 17, 2024

In a heartwarming display of community support, MWOS FC, in collaboration with Councillor Tinashe Machemedze, made a significant contribution to the residents of Norton by distributing 500 blankets and food hampers to the elderly at the Norton Hospital. This generous gesture, coordinated under the MWOS One Community initiative, highlights the spirit of giving and responsibility […]

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MWOS One Community Boosts Conservation with Key Contribution to Bhejane Trust

June 4, 2024

MWOS One Community, a renowned pillar for community development, has taken a significant step forward in wildlife conservation by partnering with Bhejane Trust, an organization committed to the preservation of wildlife in Zimbabwe. This collaboration underscores a shared vision for environmental stewardship and genuinely reflects MWOS One Community’s ongoing commitment to impactful community initiatives. In […]

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MWOS One Community Promotes Environmental Awareness Through Public Cleaning Initiative

February 28, 2024

The Gaming and Lotteries Board has extended an invitation to stakeholders for a public cleaning day on March 1, 2024. MWOS, through its One Community initiative, is gearing up to participate in this campaign. The objective? To promote environmental awareness, foster community engagement, and showcase a collective commitment to corporate social responsibility. MWOS recognizes the […]

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MWOS One Community Backs BTA Tennis Zimbabwe to Cultivate Future Champions

February 22, 2024

MWOS One Community is proud to be supporting BTA Tennis Zimbabwe (Baseline Tennis Academy), a prestigious tennis academy nurturing the next generation of talent in Harare. This collaboration echoes a mutual commitment to making tennis an inclusive and progressive sport, available to players of all ages and levels. Emphasizing fun, athletic development, and continuous improvement, […]

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MWOS FC Fans and Norton Community Thrilled as Premier Soccer League Sides Descend on Norton

February 22, 2024

The fervor in Norton reaches unprecedented levels as Premier Soccer League sides grace Ngoni Stadium to face off against MWOS FC. Fans and the Norton community are in high spirits, basking in the excitement of witnessing football giants like Dynamos and Caps United clash with their beloved local team. The atmosphere at Ngoni Stadium has […]

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MWOS One Community Invests in Zimbabwe’s Cricket Future

October 16, 2023

In a heartening development for Zimbabwean cricket, MWOS One Community has stepped up to the crease with a US$2,500 sponsorship of the High Performance Hub, aimed at nurturing the cricketing talent of young people. This boost is particularly aimed at making cricket accessible to children from low-income backgrounds, offering them the chance to hone their […]

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MWOS One Community collaborates with King of The Ring in support of St. Joseph’s Home of Boys

September 26, 2022

MWOS One Community has made a significant impact on the St. Joseph’s Home of Boys through a generous initiative to upgrade their gym facilities. In September 2022, they took a leap in their commitment to societal welfare by investing $20,000 into refurbishing the gym frequented by the boys of the home. Most of the young […]

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MWOS sponsor Kilimanjaro climb in aid of girl child

August 24, 2022

In the last ten years, 82 Zimbabweans have climbed Kilimanjaro, compared to 16,800 climbers from the United States. It is important to note that 95% of these successful climbers are men, leaving only a handful of women to have completed the climb. This statistic gave Sandra Maidei Chirume and Patricia Mutyavaviri the challenge to go […]

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Wickets and Compassion: Taylor Brothers Score Big for Smiles with MWOS One Community

July 23, 2022

The cricket world knows Brendan Taylor for his exceptional skills on the field. But in July 2022, Brendan, along with his brother Keegan Taylor, showcased an even larger heart by embarking on a grueling 50-kilometer run—not for personal glory but for a cause close to their hearts: supporting two children in need of cleft lip […]

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MWOS One Community supporting Arts and Culture

June 26, 2022

MWOS One Community has continued to give back to society in a variety of ways, including through the arts and entertainment industry. In the second quarter of 2022, the MWOS One Community initiative supported a local musician, Msiz’kay. We provided material and financial support for him to put together a successful launch of his second […]

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