Arsenal release first trailer of explosive All Or Nothing documentary

Arsenal will release their much-awaited All Or Nothing documentary on August 4. The first trailer of the documentary has been released on social media for fans to catch a glimpse.

The next rave in football is clubs and players producing documentaries. Clubs want to generate more income, paint their sides in good light and perhaps motivate their fan base. Whatever they want to achieve, it is hard to measure how successful it is.

It has become fascinating to see clubs take to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube in recent years. Manchester City took to the screens in 2018 via Amazon Prime with an eight-part series – All or nothing. Tottenham also towed the same path with a docuseries of the same name.

With the fad gaining traction and winning plenty of converts, Arsenal joined the bandwagon last year as they tried to chronicle a season. The Gunners were full of expectations for the seasons. The success of other clubs on the screens saw Arsenal venture into the movies.

Arsenal at the movies

Fans crave the behind-the-scenes of their clubs. They want to know if the players, managers and administrators feel their pain too. It has seen rumours flying around now and then of what transpires when the cameras are not there.

The Gunners last season decided to train their cameras on their players and bring them closer to the fans with their version of the ‘All Or Nothing’ documentary. Arsenal have now released the first trailer of the documentary. It affords the fans the opportunity of a quick glimpse into the drama going on behind the scenes.

The North London outfit had a topsy-turvy ride last season, and their 2021-22 campaign should make for a compelling watch – at least for the neutrals. With the kind of season Arsenal enjoyed, what impact would the documentary have, especially with the Gunners failing to qualify for the Champions League?

Questions then arise about whether the documentary would enjoy the same success as Manchester City and Tottenham did.

Poor start, poor finish

Arsenal started the season on a rather dour note. The Gunners lost their first three matches and looked out of contention for European places. Arsenal found themselves in the relegation zone after losses to Brentford, Chelsea and Manchester City in that order.

From the first teaser, it seems the documentary shies away from the losses. Mikel Arteta and his decisions are the centres of focus. Following those losses, Arteta came under fire, but the Spaniard was able to steer the boat back on course.

From a despondent Arteta on the touchline to angry fans lambasting their early season form or the expression of frustration by Aaron Ramsdale at their performance, the documentary tries to filter and dilute the pain of starting the season poorly.

After three games, zero goals, zero points. The results were painfully obvious.

The trailer also shows Arteta rallying his squad for the battle as they rose and fought till the end of the season.

The trailer should touch on several events. It includes the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in January following the loss of his captaincy.

According to Arteta, he initially opposed the idea of filming taking place but was in no position to stop the club from carrying on with plans.




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