2022 Qatar World Cup: What to expect from historic World Cup

From the November-December date, to the host nation, and to the special circumstances surrounding the world at large, the FIFA 2022 World Cup is sure to remain in the memories of fans for a long time.

Qatar’s preparation for the World Cup kicked into top gear at the turn of 2022. Images, news and reports coming out of the country show the meticulous work being done to host the most iconic World Cup in recent memory.

As the host country continues to get ready to host the world’s best, here is some information for the fans who hope to witness the iconic World Cup.

Tickets and where to get them

Tickets went live in January and the first batch stopped selling in February. Fans had to apply for individual match tickets or serial tickets covering selected matches, and the applicants were selected through a draw when the maximum limit for applications were surpassed.

The next batch of tickets will go live in April after the draws to determine the team groupings. A similar process will be followed for ticket sales. However, fans will also find ticket resale platforms sanctioned by the local organising committee ready to serve their needs. There will also be last minute sales before each match for those who failed to get tickets through the other two means.

International fans will pay $68 for a group-stage match ticket and $1,600 for the final. More information is available on the LOC website.

World Cup hosting stadiums

One of the reasons that the Qatar World Cup promises to be iconic is the array of expertly built stadiums which will host the games.

Qatar will host all 50+ matches of the global showpiece in both newly built and refurbished stadiums which have been fitted with air conditioning systems to help fans and players enjoy their time in the stadiums.

However, not all will be fully air-conditioned, but the winter weather should help the environment be more relaxed for visiting fans.

Accommodation for travelling fans

Qatar is a small country and as such, accommodating an estimated 1.2 million more people who are expected to be in the country is a bit of a challenge. However, there are new hotels being built in addition to the already existing hotels.

New apartment rentals are also being worked on in addition to the already existing ones, and tourist camps in the desert are being erected for the more adventurous fans.

In addition to the above, the local organising committee have chartered two cruise ships from cruise ship company MSC Cruises, which will provide a total of 3,898 cabins during the event. Private jet companies in neighbouring gulf countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have also made provisions for fans who use their services.

Gatherings, parties, and non-footballing events

The World Cup is much more than a sporting event because it is an avenue for nations to open up to tourists to party and spend money. However, Qatar is a Muslim and a conservative state where dressing, alcohol sales and nightlife are heavily regulated.

However, there will be special dispensations to more areas to allow fans to enjoy their stay in Qatar. Fans will do well to bear in mind that while most of the laws will be relaxed, the conservativeness of the state will still reign supreme.

For more information on everything Qatar 2022, visit the local organising committee website.




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