How to Play & Rules

In the MWOS World Cup predictor you predict the results of the Qatar World Cup 2022 football matches. We will explain the rules of the game below.


You receive points when you get the result completely correct or partially correct. In the table below you can see for which correct prediction you get points and how many.

10 PointsResult all right
7 PointsWinner correct and goals correct from 1 team
5 PointsOnly winner correct
2 PointsOnly goals 1 team correct

If you have predicted the result perfectly, as in the example below for the match Qatar – Ecuador (1-1), you will earn 10 points.

Predicting a match perfectly is not easy, we can tell you. So be happy when you have correctly predicted one!

QatarEcuador1 - 11 - 110
EnglandIran1 - 10 - 12
SenegalNetherlands1 - 12 - 25
USAWales3 - 14 - 05
ArgentinaSaudia Arabia3 - 12 - 17

But luckily you also earn points if you predict a result almost correctly. You can see that a 3-1 prediction, with a result of 2-1 in the example below, is rewarded with 7 points. You then correctly predicted the winner (5 points) and one of the total number of goals of a team correctly (2 points), makes a total of 7 points.

In the USA match you would earn 5 points because you predicted the correct winner, but neither of the two goals were correct (0 points).

If you get a draw correctly but the goals are not correct, you will receive 5 points.

By the way, you have to predict the result of the match after 90 minutes (+ possible injury time). Any extensions do not count.

Ranking and Leaderboard

After each match your points and those of all other participants are calculated.

The new leaderboard ranking is also drawn up. You can see the leaderboard rankings here.

Are you participating in your own private league with friends or colleagues? Then you can view your position in that league via the private leagues page here.

Game Rules

  • In the MWOS World Cup Predictor you predict the results of the matches as best as possible.
  • You can fill in a match prediction and possibly adjust it until the match starts.
  • You will receive 10 points if you have a perfectly predicted result and 5 points if you only get the winner right. You get 7 points when you get the winner right and the number of goals scored by one of the teams is correct. If you have predicted a draw but the goals are not correct, you will receive 5 points.
  • The result you predict is the result of the game after 90 minutes, including any injury time. Any extension does not count . For example, if a World Cup match is extended because the result was 2-2 after regular time and it becomes 4-2 after the extension, 2-2 applies as the result that is processed in the football pool.
  • The results of the matches, the points numbers and the ranking will be processed by us as soon as possible.
  • Due to technical circumstances, your predictions may not have been saved. We therefore advise you to always check whether your predictions have been saved correctly.
  • Particulars and exceptions to points. No points will be awarded for an abandoned game that is not completed. Points stand when a country is downgraded or goes bankrupt. If a match is adjusted afterwards (regulatory result), the original result will remain.
  • The game is based on knowledge and science of international football sports and is not a gambling game.
  • Participation gives the organisation the right to keep you informed via email of any changes in the game, to send 'reminders' if you have forgotten to enter predictions, to send an email at the start of the season , new promotions and for offers selected by the organisation.
  • During the game a knowledge quiz may be held among all participants with which many extra points can be obtained. These extra points are added to the number of points achieved in the football pool, after which the final winners can be announced.
  • MWOS reserves the right to terminate, interrupt or change the game at its sole discretion and without notice, without incurring any obligation to participants in any way.
  • It is not possible to correspond about the game and the outcome of the game.

General Conditions

  • Participation in the MWOS World Cup Predictor is only possible online. You will have to provide your name, e-mail address and telephone number. MWOS processes your personal data not only for the performance of the game, but also to inform you from time to time about other information, goods or services in the areas of interest indicated by the player.
  • For each promotion, it is stated in what way and in what period it is possible to participate in the promotion and whether additional conditions apply to the participant.
  • Participation in the promotion is free.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants must be resident in Zimbabwe.
  • It is indicated per group or promotion whether and which and which prizes can be won, as well as the (total) value of the prizes.
  • In case of an equal number of points, it is checked which player has predicted the most matches correctly (10 points). Then will be down to player has earned the most points in a quiz drawn up by MWOS. When this number is still equal, a draw is made by an impartial computer program.
  • MWOS can end the game early for legal reasons, or when the game cannot actually be continued due to external circumstances.
  • Complaints and questions about the game and the result can be submitted using [email protected].
  • MWOS handles your personal data with care. MWOS collects and processes personal data of participants in the game. See privacy policy
  • Participation entitles MWOS to keep you informed by email about the promotion, new promotions or offers selected MWOS.
  • MWOS reserves the legal right to unilaterally change the game conditions without being liable for any damage resulting from this
  • MWOS does not guarantee that the website will always be available. Neither the organisation nor any companies or individuals it uses can be held responsible for network, computer, hardware, or software problems of any kind.
  • If 1 or more provisions of the rules of the game are void or destroyed, the organisation will draw up a replacement rule, which approximates as much as possible the purpose and intent of the void or voided rule and which is not void or voidable.
  • Zimbabwean law applies to this promotion. Any disputes arising from or related to these game terms and conditions or the Promotion must be submitted to the competent court in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • These general gaming conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the Code of Conduct for promotional games of chance.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected]
  • Prizes won cannot be exchanged for other prizes and their value cannot be cashed out.
  • Prizes won can be claimed up to 30 days after winning. Prize winners must contact us within 30 days to claim the prize.
  • MWOS employees, their immediate families, the prize sponsors or their respective advertising agencies and PR companies can play but are not entitled to win a prize. In the event that a person from one of these categories places in a prizing winning position they will be disregarded and their rank on the leaderboard will be given to the next highest ranking player.






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